The Volcano is Long Gone,
but the Soil is Still ActivE

Our Viticulture

The 160 acres of incredible soil we call home sits below the extinct volcano of Mount Boucherie.
Its deposits work like a time release capsule. Combined with warm summers and mild winters, our volcanic rocks have decomposed and recombined into soluble molecules that are easily separated into their elements and accessible to plants – including vineyards. The result is some of the richest agricultural land on the planet.

Knowledge Grows Here.



Join our team to go behind-the-scenes and learn about how we produce award-winning wines.

Knowledge Imparted

Quails’ Gate sits down with Senior Viticulturist Ed Tonner to learn about the processes of growing grapes in the Okanagan Valley.

What is Viticulture?

“Viticulture is the cultivation of grapevines, or to some wine growing, an essential process to the creation of wine. It encompasses all aspects of grapevine growth, the techniques involved in steering the natural process of berry development into a worthy cultivated fruit for wine production.”

Read Ed’s full interview and learn what methods Quails’ Gate uses to improve the viticulture program, what the next steps for viticulture at Quails’ Gate will be, and much more.

Knowledge in Action

Stages of Grape Development



Dormancy is a period of time when the grapevine goes into a hibernation-like state. It’s initiated by the cold fall weather and shorter days. This tells the vine to slowly bear down for the cold winter months by building up the carbohydrate storage for winterization. Here in the Okanagan, this is critical to allow the time required for the vines to properly shut down by providing moisture through irrigation and rest before dormancy.


Budburst & Flowering

The vine wakes and begins its ready growth stage. It senses through increased soil temperature to push buds to “break” and open up for spring. This leads into another critical time of shoot growth where the flower of the grape fertilizes and begins berry development. This is the hardest working time for a grape vine where all the winter food storage has been depleted. It's required to assimilate all available nutrients that are from the soil to support the intense daily shoot growth, leaf development, and flowering.


Growth & Ripening

This is a time where we see green clusters that are pea size turn into plump, sweet, golden yellow or dark red skin grapes. The accumulation of sugar and ripeness takes center stage and the grapes take on flavors that can be linked directly to the flavour profiles of the finished wine. This is when crop adjustments or last minute canopy techniques can be applied to elevate the quality of the crop.



9 months of labour-intensive work, care, and worry all pay off. The grapes have reached an optimal flavor profile which the winemaker and viticulturist agree on. Certain varieties will be picked earlier while others benefit from more hang time. It’s a period of time where the vine patiently waits to be signaled by it's grapes being picking to shed it's leaves and rest. Its also a great time for the vineyard and winemaking team to enjoy a huge harvest meal enjoying the fruits of our labour and discussing the vintage that was!

Purveyor Spotlight

Poplar Grove Cheese

We are so honoured to be a part of the culinary experience at Old Vines Restaurant over the years. Their passion for delicious food, creativity, and commitment to supporting local growers and artisan producers is truly amazing.
Jenn and DJ

Jennifer & D.J.

Owners, Poplar Grove Cheese

Poplar Grove Cheese’s story starts over a decade ago where Gitta Pedersen’s passion for European cheese ignited the idea of producing small batch artisan cheeses in the Okanagan Valley. After fourteen years with Poplar Grove Cheese, Gitta shared her wealth of knowledge with current owners Jennifer and D.J. who carry the same passion and commitment for creating delicious, handmade, small batch cheeses.

Poplar Grove Cheese is proud to produce all of their artisan cheeses right on site on the Naramata Bench. They produce four surface ripened cheeses using locally sourced ingredients and pasteurized cow’s milk from Dutchmen Dairy in Sicamous, British Columbia. With artisanal attention to detail, each cheese is handled several times through the cheese making process producing consistently high quality, French-style cheese.

Group 91

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Featured Dish

Smoked Magret Duck Breast

Sour cream, pickled shallot, confit duck croquette, crumbled Poplar Grove Tiger blue cheese.


Suggested Pairing

2019 Pinot Noir

Our Pinot Noir vines have been growing for over 30 years, enjoy our newest vintage with a medium bodied silk feel on the palate with balanced flavours of juicy red fruit.

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