Land so fertile, it grew one of the best restaurants in the country.

Our Culinary

Old Vines Restaurant is a farm-to-table culinary destination focused on ingredients that are both sustainably sourced and local. Our vegetables come from a farm down the road. Our beef and lamb graze on the pasture across the lake. Our grapes grow just 20 feet from our front door. In this way, we celebrate the gastronomic essence of the Okanagan Valley—the complexity of our volcanic earth, the minerality of our glacial till, and the cool breeze from the lake that makes everything grow with such vigor.

Knowledge Grows Here.

Farm to table is about 20 feet

Join Culinary Director Roger Sleiman as we explore our farm to table philosophy, initiatives for supporting local, and our terroir-driven culinary program.

Knowledge in Action


Old Vines Restaurant joined the Ocean Wise initiative in 2007 soon after its launch in BC. Based on Culinary Director Roger Sleiman's philosophy to use sustainable and local ingredients, we have continued to ensure our seafood along with proteins are ethically caught and raised.

Farm to Table

At Quails' Gate, great wine starts in the vineyard. We take that same thinking when sourcing ingredients at Old Vines Restaurant, supporting local farmers and consciously selecting the best our region has to offer. Our philosophy is of fresh simplicity: the menu is inspired by regional Okanagan and West Coast ingredients prepared in the classical tradition.

Wine Experience

As one of the original winery restaurants in West Kelowna and one of the top-ranked in the Okanagan, Old Vines Restaurant begins with the wine. Our menus are passionately created by an award-winning culinary team who taste our wine from grape to glass. The result is an incredible experience of the Okanagan.

Purveyor Spotlight

Unearthed Organics

One of the things that make our farm-business model work is the continued support of restaurants like Old Vines at Quails’ Gate Winery.  The commitment to quality that Chef Roger has and his support of local, sustainable farming is what helps farms like ours grow and prosper.


Jordan Marr
& Vanessa Samur

Owners, Unearthed Organics

Unearthed Organics is a Kelowna-based, certified organic farm growing premium veggies & herbs for restaurants and households. Jordan and his staff farm according to the belief that healthy, delicious food is inextricably linked to the health of the soil that produces it. For this reason, they favour practices that maintain or improve the health of their soil and that maximize biodiversity.
In recent years, Jordan has taken a particular interest in heirloom varieties of dry beans & grain corn, and in dried/smoked chilies. In 2020, he launched an online store called Brave About Veggies that will focus on selling these crops to eaters and gardeners across Canada. Jordan is sometimes joined in the garden by his wife, Vanessa Samur, and their two boys, Levon and August.
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Featured Dish

Wild Pacific Salmon

Pan seared fillet, black rice, Unearthed Organics mixed peppers & eggplant caviar

Suggested Pairing

2019 Pinot Noir

Sourced from a number of premium vineyards and a variety of clones, the 2019 vintage saw a cool spring followed by a moderately warm summer resulting in an exceptional Pinot Noir with great acidity.

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